Mouse's Favourite create a range of delicious artisan plant-based alternatives to cheese and butter.
Made by hand in micro batches, most of our cheeses require 4 weeks of careful nurturing before they are ready. Inspired by classic styles of cheese, an authentic taste is achieved by combining the highest quality organic nuts with traditional cheese-making cultures and processes.
About Us
Gabrielle Le Cocq - Founder: "One of the unexpected benefits to becoming vegan was that it led me to discover an abundance of new foods and ways of cooking. Fermenting and culturing was part of this and after experimenting with cultured nut cheeses for about 5 years, I decided to start Mouse's Favourite. Even as a vegan, I still feel a nostalgia for the rustic beauty of traditional dairy cheese and have tried to capture that with our vegan versions. A classic cheeseboard and trimmings - glass of wine, fresh, crusty bread, a spoonful of chutney - is more than just a food, it’s part of a familiar ritual that I want people to still be able to enjoy. At the same time we’re in the pioneering era of vegan cheese and it’s truly exciting to be able to contribute to the creation of something entirely new. My aim is to balance the best parts of tradition with the foods and philosophies of the future."