** Christmas 2017 **

We will be popping up at some new shops and markets in the run up to Christmas so please check our ‘store locator’ and ‘events’ pages for more details.

Thank you so much for all your support and interest this year and we look forward to bringing you a new and updated website and online shop in 2018!

Nut Based Cheese

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Mouse’s Favourite

Mouses Favourite is a range of artisan, hand made vegan cheeses made from cultured cashews and almonds. Offering a twist on classic traditional dairy cheese, we aim to create the best product possible in terms of both taste and looks. We use the best quality organic, whole nuts combined with probiotic cultures to achieve an authentic taste. Each style of Mouse’s Favourite vegan cheese has a unique look and texture and a distinctive flavour that develops through the culturing process.

About Us

Gabrielle Le Cocq – Founder

Mouse’s Favourite is the culmination of around 5 years of experimentation with cultured nut cheeses. Becoming vegan ten years ago led me to discover new foods and techniques that I would likely never have come across otherwise and cultured foods was one of the most exciting for me. Even as a vegan, I can still appreciate the rustic beauty of traditional cheese and have tried to incorporate that nostalgia into the cheeses of Mouse’s Favourite. More than just a food product; a classic cheeseboard and its trimmings – a glass of red wine, fresh, crusty bread, a spoonful of chutney – is part of a ritual and charm that I want people to be able to enjoy even in plant-based food.