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GreenBay, 228 North End Road, London,  W14 9NU

**Now also online**

Camembert style, Cider Washed Rind, Valencay style, Smokey Cream, Original Cream, Butter

The Incredible Nutshell, 31 Chesterfield Rd, Sheffield S8 0RL

Camembert style

Cariad Wholefoods, 5 Georgian Passage, East Street, Blandford Forum, DT11 7DX

Camembert, smokey cream, original cream, cider rind


Vegetal & Vous, 241 rue Leon Gambetta, 59 000 Lille, France

Camembert style, Cider Washed Rind, Valençay style, Blue, Smokey Cream, Original Cream, Butter

Online at:

The Vegan Shop

Camembert style, Valençay style, Blue

On Pizza:

PickyWops, Shopping Palace, Unit (7)347 North End Road, Fulham, London SW6 1NN

Almond ricotta, camembert








Past Events

Bristol Vegfest

20th May (Saturday only)   from 11am

Hackney Downs Vegan Christmas Market

17th December 2016

Animal Aid Christmas Fayre

4th December 2016

Surrey Vegan Fair

19th November 2016    10.30 – 4.30

LAFF Halloween Festival

30th October 2016    10.30 – 5

London Vegfest

22nd and 23rd October 2016

Brighton Viva Vegan Festival

3rd September 2016   10.30 – 5.30pm

Milton Keynes Vegan Festival

30th July 2016   11am – 3pm

Ladywell Vegan Festival

9th July 2016   12 – 6pm (live music from 7pm)

Bishops Park Farmers and Fine Foods Market

5th June 2016   10am – 2pm

London Animal Free Festival

4th June 2016   10.30am – 4.30pm

Bishops Park Farmers and Fine Foods Market

22nd May 2016  10am – 2pm

Milton Keynes Vegan Festival

Saturday 29th July    11am – 3pm

Reading Vegan Festival

Saturday 23rd September    10am – 6pm








25 Thoughts on “Where to Buy”

    • Thank you!! We are also hoping to get an online shop together before too long – I’ll keep our Facebook/ Instagram updated with any info.

      • All hail vegan cheese. Your Camembert cheese was so amazing! Best I’ve ever had. I can’t wait until I can purchase it online.

          • I tried your Camembert too and am very keen to buy as soon as you’re ready, knew I should have bought more, was the best I’d tasted too.

    • Working on the online store! But if you can get to West Brompton there’s a few good things in that area – the legendary all you can eat lunch at 222 and a new pizza place with excellent vegan pizza called Pickywops. Plus of course all the other things to buy in GreenBay…

  • Hello there, I am so delighted to have found you at Vegfest! And even more excited to learn that I can buy your products in Greenbay. I will make a pilgrimage when my sister visits in a few weeks. What was the name of the camembert type cheese again? It wasn’t keen on vegan ‘cheese’ until I tried that on saturday, Keep up the amazing work 🙂 Thank you

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your nice comments! It’s called ‘Camembert Style’. GreenBay is a great shop with plenty of other good things to buy too, but if you’re going there just for the cheese, do call them or email us first to check it’s in stock. 🙂

  • Hi, do you make your cheeses in Jersey as well? Would love to order some home there at Christmas if you have your online shop then. Gonna get down to greenbay and try this out asap! Can’t believe there’s a vegan cheese named after La Rocque!

    • Hi Eddy,
      We’re based in London but I grew up in Jersey so there’s a bit of Jersey/French influence in the cheeses. I love La Rocque beach!
      Certainly, if I can get things together in time to do an online shop in the next few weeks I’ll let you know. It should only take a couple of days to ship to Jersey so should be ok with cool packs in. Or if you’re travelling there yourself it would be ok in your luggage with the icepacks – probably better/quicker than post.
      Nice to hear from a Jersey vegan!

  • They look amazing! I’ve hadn’t the chance of tasting them, just heard of you from a friend… any chance the online shop will sell to Europe too? Fingers crossed 🙂

  • A vegan colleague brought two pots of your cream cheese at the Guildford Vegan Fair, the orginal and the smokey one, and they were delicious! Thank you for making such amazing alternative cheeses. I just wish they were more readily available and that Ocado stocked them.

  • Any news on when the online shop will be ready? I’ve only just tried your camembert and it was absolutely amazing. I don’t get to London often so would love to be able to get it here in East Sussex. Fingers crossed it’s soon!

    • Hi, unfortunately we can’t ship to the States at the moment as it takes too long and the cheeses need to be kept cold during shipping. You have many great options in the US already though!

    • Hi Gaelle, possibly – depending how long it takes to get there as 2 days is really the maximum we can keep it cold for in an insulated box. Send us an email and we’ll look into it!

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